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Heaven, Mikey, + Oliver: Family Photos!

I've known Heaven for the past 13 or so years, but this year I offered a more meaningful birthday gift: family photos!

Heaven had her baby, Oliver, on January 5th, 2020. I can confidently say he is the *cutest* baby ever.

My mom and I watch him about once a week (my mom does most of the work, lol), so we're around him often enough. Each time he's over, I like to take *at least* one photo (on my phone, that is) in hopes that maybe when he's one, I can make a compilation video of how he's grown.

At the end of May, we finally had a good day to take the photos! Oliver was happy the whole time, except we did have to work through some spit-up, which I suppose is to be expected with an almost six-month-old, right?

Take a look for yourself to see how adorable Oliver is!

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